Same-Day Services

If you have an urgent - but non-life threatening - medical issue, our same-day services can help ensure you get in to see a doctor quickly.


By appointment same-day services will allow:
  • Increased and growing capacity to see patients on the same day they call, with more appointment slots available.
  • More predictable service - allowing patients to plan their day around their appointment.
  • Shorter waits for patients once they arrive at the Group Health Centre.
To make an appointment, call 705-759-1234.

Same-day appointments start as early as 9:00am and run as late as 8:00pm, from Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be booked by phone starting at 8:00am on the day of the appointment.

Our first priority is always to try to get you in to see your own doctor - but if your doctor is away or unavailable, another doctor or nurse practitioner will be happy to address your urgent medical concern.

A REMINDER TO ALL PATIENTS: While same-day services are designed to serve patients whose problems cannot wait until the next day, you are urged to please seek care at the nearest hospital if you are experiencing:

  • chest pain or acute cardiac issues
  • shortness of breath
  • acute/severe abdominal pain


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