GHC Physiotherapy Introduces A New Public Service

The Group Health Centre Physiotherapy Team is excited to announce a new service available to both GHC members and the general public. In addition to its broad range of existing services, GHC Physiotherapy is now offering Ergonomic Assessments.


Given the recent shift to working remotely, GHC introduced this new service to assist those working from home to prevent strains on the body from repetitive tasks and other physical hazards from occurring due to improper workstations.


"With more people working from home or in non-traditional office settings, we saw an opportunity to deliver these important services to both the employee who may be working from home and the employer who may be planning a redesign of the office to improve social distancing space between workstations," says, Christine Powshik, GHC Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist. 


An Ergonomic Assessment evaluates the different stresses on muscles, tendons, and bones to reduce the risk of injury. The assessment also includes solutions and suggested modifications on how a job could be performed to reduce stress and pain to the body.


"I think it's important to mention that the Ergonomic Assessment, like all Physiotherapy services at GHC, are open to the general public – you do not need to be a member to access it," adds, Powshik.


The price of an Ergonomic Assessment is $300, which includes the assessment, report, and a follow-up visit. For more information about GHC's Physiotherapy services, please click here.


More Information

Group Health Centre Physiotherapy has been providing care and physiotherapy services to the city of Sault Ste. Marie for 50 years and is one of the largest physiotherapy departments in Northern Ontario. GHC Physiotherapy Services are open to the general public, and they provide treatments without a doctor referral. However, if the patient wants to access public funding (MOH) to cover the cost of the treatment, they would require a doctor or nurse practitioner referral. Additionally, some private insurance companies may also require a doctor or nurse practitioner referral to access their funding.

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