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What is myCARE?

myCARE is a web-based tool that gives you direct online access to your health care team and your personal medical information using your personal computer or mobile device. Whether you're at work, on the road, or at home, you'll be able to view test results, messages from your doctor, and key medical information. You can even book your next appointment!
myCARE allows you to:

Access your personal health information

  • Review your medications, immunizations, allergies, and medical history.
  • Review health education topics and instructions provided by your health care team.

Manage your appointments

  • Schedule your next appointment online.
  • View details of your past and upcoming appointments.

Communicate with your care team

  • Get answers to your medical questions from wherever you are.
  • Send non-urgent* messages 24 hours a day.

Review select test results

  • Get select test results shared with you, once your care provider has reviewed them**.
  • Read your care provider's comments, and ask questions - via online message - if you need clarification.

Request prescription refills

  • Send a refill request for any of your refillable medications

Access your family's records

  • Get "Proxy Access" to the records of someone you care for, to help you make more informed decisions about their care.
  • Use "Proxy Access" to view you children's immunization records, growth charts and more.

Due to patient privacy safeguards, you must apply to be granted Proxy Access to another person's records.Learn more about Proxy Access, and how to apply, here.
*myCARE is not for emergency communication. If you are experiencing a major medical issue that requires immediate attention, please go to the hospital or dial 9-1-1.
**Test result release is at the discretion of each health care provider.

Is my primary care team participating in myCARE?
Check the list of participating providers, here.

Need help with myCARE?

It's easy to get help with your myCARE account.

Click here to check our Frequently Asked Questions for a quick solution, email, or call 705-253-CARE (253-2273 - Weekdays, 9:00am-4:00pm - closed holidays).

Before you call, please make sure that you have read the FAQ, and that your computer meets the minimum requirements to run myCARE.

Minimum Requirements:
To access myCARE, you must be using one of the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 9.0 and above (if you are using Internet Explorer 9 or 10 you will need to enable TLS 1.1 and/or 1.2. Click here to learn how.)
Mozilla Firefox 33.0 and above
Safari 7 on Mac and above
Google Chrome 38.x and above

You must also have javascript enabled. 
Not sure how to enable javascript? Follow the instructions, here.

myCARE is also available for your Apple or Android mobile device!
Click the buttons below to download the "MyChart" app - which will give you access to GHC's myCARE.
App Store Google Play
Please note: you will need to adjust your search settings to "iPhone Only" if you are looking for "MyChart" in the app store on your iPad.

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