The 2016 BIG WISH LOTTERY (Lic. No. 7537) winners, drawn January 9th, 2016 at 5:00pm in the Station Mall Centre Court, are:
$75,000 cash winner:
Ticket # 00334 – Frank Bock
$5,000 cash winner:
Ticket # 03175 – John McLeod
$1,000 cash winners:
Ticket # 05687 – Wayne Hamilton
Ticket # 00287 – Wm. Thibault
Ticket # 03294 – Phil and Iris Haldenby
Ticket # 09122 – Elena McLeod
Ticket # 02299 – Anival Lopes
Ticket # 02042 – Irv Stratichuk
Ticket # 09056 – Cindy McCauley
Ticket # 07974 – R. Smith
Ticket # 08703 – Millie Ruffolo
Ticket # 07049 – Ann Marie G.
Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who supported this year’s BIG WISH LOTTERY Draw – including the dozens of volunteers and hundreds of businesses that sold tickets. Proceeds from this year’s Big Wish Lottery will be directed toward the purchase of Ophthalmology equipment.
It’s important to know that the Group Health Centre does not receive government funding for medical equipment. Fundraising efforts (like the BIG WISH LOTTERY) make it possible for the Group Health Centre to purchase the latest medical equipment, and provide the best possible care to each one of the 71,000 patients they serve.

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