Alert: Important COVID-19 Message from the ADMG

With the evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, the physicians of the Algoma District Medical Group, serving at the Group Health Centre, remain committed to the health care needs of our patients and our community.
To ensure we will have the manpower and the resources to take care of you and your loved ones when you really need us, we urge everyone to follow these critical steps:
  • STAY APART. Please respect the advice on self-isolation and social distancing. Go out only for essentials (groceries, medications). Cancel all non-essential social interactions, dinner parties, play dates, etc. If you must leave your home for essentials, maintain a 2 meter separation from others. Get outside to exercise and to play but only with your immediate family or by maintaining the 2 meter separation.
These steps aren’t just to protect you. They help protect our elderly and sick. Pay special attention to these more vulnerable in our communities by calling them and checking in, visiting through the window, but please don’t expose them.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS, often
  • STAY HOME if you have mild symptoms, and/or suspect you may have contracted COVID-19. For most people with COVID-19, symptoms are mild and do not need medical attention. Antibiotics will not help. We are not testing for COVID-19 at our Group Health Centre location at this time, and would direct you to the Regional Assessment Centre, if deemed necessary
We are continuing to ‘see’ patients and will be using virtual visits (telephone or video) as much as possible. If you have a medical concern, please CALL YOUR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER and feel free to ask for a virtual visit. At this time, we will be deferring all nonessential visits.

Social isolation and uncertainty can have significant mental health consequences. If you are struggling, please reach out, to friends, family, a support agency, or your primary care provider.  Check in by phone, text, or email, on those who you feel might be having a hard time.

Our local health agencies and physicians have come together to create a plan that prioritizes the safety of our community.  We are prepared to confront this emergency, but we need your help to ‘flatten the curve’.
Jodie Stewart, MD, CCFP
Algoma District Medical Group

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