When Visiting GHC

We are pleased with the recent Ontario Ministry of Health announcement allowing health care providers to ramp upnon-essential services and programs.
At this time, virtual visits remain the safest appointment type. To accommodate in-person visits, we are enhancing ourvisitor protocols. When visiting any GHC building, following these protocols ensures everyone’s safety.
Please remember the simple acronym
S tay apart and Sanitize
Keep a distance of at least 6ft/2m from those around you. Hand sanitizing stations can be found throughout GHC –use them when you arrive and throughout your visit.
A ttend alone
Please come to your appointments on your own when possible. If you require accompaniment in the exam room,this will be accommodated..
F ace masks
It is mandatory that all visitors to GHC wear a mask. Homemade masks are encouraged, as this helps to maintain thesupply of medical procedure masks for our frontline healthcare workers.
E xpect screening
The GHC practices active and passive screening at all of their buildings. Please be prepared to answer COVID-19related screening questions.

Services are being restarted and ramped-up gradually, in compliance with provincial requirements. Your understanding and patience is appreciated. For information about which programs/services are open and closed, please email
inquiries@ghc.on.ca (mailto:inquiries@ghc.on.ca)

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