It's going to be EPIC...

What is EPIC?

EPIC is a world-class electronic medical records software system that provides the tools and resources for Group Health Centre physicians, partners and support staff to deliver the best possible care.

What does EPIC mean for me?

EPIC provides incredible opportunities for the Group Health Centre to better serve patients like you.

  • High Quality Care
    EPIC provides a full picture of your health and history, which helps your doctor make educated decisions when it comes to your care and treatment.

  • Convenience
    You won't have to carry around written orders for tests and prescriptions - through EPIC, labs and pharmacies around the city will be able to directly process and fill your doctor's orders.

  • Improved Access
    Tools like My Chart - an online patient portal - will not only provide you with access to online appointment booking; it will also give you online access to your personal health information - like your medical history and immunization records.

Will you be using EPIC at my next appointment?

Group Health Centre doctors will switch over to EPIC starting February 24th, 2014 at 8:00AM. If you have an appointment on, or after, February 24th - your doctor will be using EPIC.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my next appointment?

There are a few things you can bring with you that will help things go more smoothly:

  • As always, bring your health card
  • Also, please bring any medications you are taking, in their original containers.
    This includes any over-the-counter products you may be using.

Is there anything else I should know about EPIC?

We've spent hundreds of hours training our staff on how to use all of the great tools and features built into EPIC, but there's a lot to learn. We'd really appreciate your patience while we're getting used the new system - things may take a bit longer than you're used to.

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