Is my primary care team participating in myCARE?

The following primary care provider offices are currently offering myCARE to their patients:
  • Dr. S. Baath
  • Dr. M. Beduhn
  • Dr. J. Bishop
  • Dr. P. Bragaglia
  • Dr. C. Bruni
  • Dr. L. Caria
  • Dr. W. Chung
  • Dr. V. Coccimiglio
  • Dr. M. Culina
  • Dr. M. Edwards
  • Dr. D. Fritz
  • Dr. M. Hemy
  • Dr. E. Hirvi
  • Dr. B. Jarrett
  • Dr. M. Jenkins
  • Dr. M. Keating
  • Dr. C. Kobelka
  • Dr. C. Kuntz
  • Dr. C. Lane
  • Dr. M. Leahy
  • Dr. M. A. Lee
  • Dr. M. Mogharrabi
  • Dr. T. Oliver
  • Dr. K. Opryszczko
  • Dr. J. Patterson
  • Dr. C. Rossi
  • Dr. A. Schamp
  • Dr. L. Sharp
  • Dr. P. Simoncic
  • Dr. J. Stewart
  • Dr. R. Tull
  • Dr. M. Vance
  • Dr. A. Webb
  • Dr. R. Wytsma
  • NP K. Barban
  • NP T. Buffone
  • NP N. Ethier
  • NP K. Rowe
  • NP T. Scornaiencki
  • NP K. Willson
If your primary care provider is not on this list, they are not currently participating in myCARE.
If you'd like to register your interest in the product - even though your provider is not participating yet - you can fill out an activation code request form, here, and if they choose to go online on the future you will be notified.
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