2018 Big Wish Lottery

What is the Big Wish Lottery?
The Big Wish Lottery is the Group Health Centre Trust Fund's biggest fundraiser - and your chance to win a top prize of $75,000 cash, plus one draw for $5,000 and five draws for $1,000!

All proceeds from this year's Big Wish Lottery will go toward the purchase of Surgical Equipment.

When is the draw?
All 7 prizes will be drawn on Saturday, January 13th at 5:00PM in Station Mall Centre Court.

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $20 each, and there are only 12,000 available - so get yours before they sell out!

Where can I buy a ticket?
The quickest way to get your ticket is to order by phone. Just call the Trust Fund Office at 705-759-5530 during business hours. We'll process your credit card payment over the phone, and mail you your ticket*.

Big Wish Volunteers will be in various locations around the city between October 23rd and January 13th, and tickets are also available at the locations below:

If you have any questions about the Big Wish Lottery, please call the Trust Fund Office at (705) 759-5530.

*Tickets can only be mailed within the province of Ontario. Must be 18 or older to purchase a ticket. Lottery license #9147.
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